Almost every guy at some point steps out of the shower, catches a bad angle in the mirror, then thinks, “Wow. That is NOT good!”

Life gets busy and staying in shape and eating right can take a backseat to everything else.

I’ve been there. You’ve been there. We’ve all been there.

When that happens, most guys have a good reason to feel bad about their bodies.

It’s good because it motivates them to change and improve.

Of course, there are some really dumb reasons a lot of guys have a poor body image.

Here are the top three:

Believing Men’s Magazines

Yes, I enjoy reading a wide variety of magazines for guys.

I get information on exercise routines, supplements, style, grooming tips, and a wide variety of other topics.

Of course, for many guys, these same magazines can have this darker effect:

Representations of “perfect” men can harm male body image.

If you look at them enough, you may think that your lack of six pack abs and huge chest and arms means women will not be attracted to your body.

Or, you may see the skinnier Calvin Klein type models and think that’s what women want too.

Now, I won’t insult your intelligence and tell you that women don’t find those magazine models attractive. Of course they do.

What I will say is this:

Women have a wide variety of male body types that they can find attractive.

For example, I have one female friend who has openly stated her attraction to the following actors:

  • Kevin James – Husky build
  • Adam Sandler – Average build
  • Orlando Bloom – Skinny build

Yes, they are rich and famous celebrities, but when I asked her why she liked them, she talked about humor, talent, and charisma more than anything else.

So, if you’re like me and you’re not built like a comic book action hero, relax.

Women don’t mind as much as you think.

Comparing Yourself to Male Porn Stars

Online porn is a wonderful thing and so representative of reality, right?

Well, if you feel any shame about the variety of things you have to look at to complete “pants-down time” on your computer, maybe porn is not that great.

Shame leads to lowered self-esteem and confidence. You don’t have to be a psychologist to understand that.

One writer even theorizes that porn might be driving men crazy.

Whether or not this is true is unknown.

What is known is that the male stars of adult films can seem like the “standard” for male attractiveness.

In other words, to be desirable to women, you may think you need these features:

  • Large, muscular chest and arms
  • Six pack abs
  • Large, perfectly-straight and circumcised penis

The effect porn can play on your body image is similar to men’s magazines except it’s way more personal.

It’s personal because if your private parts don’t “measure up” to those of adult performers, you may feel bad about yourself.

What’s reality?

Most women could care less about a man’s size and shape as long as everything works and the overall attraction is there.

Don’t believe me? Ask a woman.

Wearing Poor Fitting Clothes

It’s always amazing to me the effect that clothes can have on your mind.

When things fit well, you look good and you feel good.

When things are tight, you think, “I gotta lose a few.”

When things are baggy (but you’re skinny), you think, “Man, time to go on steroids.”

Or worse, when you have several pounds to lose and you wear baggy clothing, you might see yourself in the mirror as WAY fatter than you actually are!

Not good.

It’s not good because you’re poor-fitting clothes are affecting your perception of your actual body composition.

The solution here is simple:

Learn how to dress right for your body type.

When you like how you look in your clothes, you will almost always feel a boost of confidence.

Whether you’re trying to bulk up or trim down, getting clothes that fit well today is money well spent.

What You Need to Remember

The worst part about these dumb causes for poor body image is that they lead to these thoughts of never being good enough:

  • My muscles aren’t big enough
  • My stomach isn’t ripped and “shredded”
  • My manhood is undesirable because it’s not like the kind guys have in porn

Lesson here?

If you aren’t happy with your body but you’re working on it, don’t see things as worse than they are.

Women will notice and sniff out your insecurity in a heartbeat.

Plus, if any guy tells you that you need a perfect body to date the most desirable women, remember this:

That idea is 100% bullshit.

I know guys with average bodies who have very attractive girlfriends or wives. I know guys who could model underwear who struggle with women.

Bottom line: Attitude is king, no matter how you look.

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