“How did he get her?” you ask, watching a buxom brunette hanging on a guy who has less than average looks.

Why on earth would such a hot chick be with a guy who isn’t half as good-looking as you?

Maybe the guy is shorter than you, has less hair, and a lot more stomach. It makes no sense!

“Oh, I get it…he must be rich!” you think.

If you have ever thought this way, you’re not alone, but are things always exactly as they seem?

Are Looks and Money Everything?

Yes indeed, some women do place a high value on looks and an even bigger value if a guy shows signs of wealth.

I don’t need to tell you that having good-looks, nice cars, and expensive watches works wonders with some women in the short-term.

However, that same average Joe you saw (with the leggy bombshell on his arm) may have something else going on.

That is, he understands the Attraction Sleeper Effect.

He understands that a large part of a man’s sex appeal is forever intertwined with the quality of his personality and character.

He understands that a woman’s view of a man’s looks is a fluid and flexible thing.

If a man has a dynamic, confident, and playful persona and real curiosity for the woman, a strange thing happens…

First, the woman becomes vaguely aware of the idea that she likes the way she feels when she is around him.

Second, she starts to notice things about him that are “cute” (e.g., physical features, mannerisms, speech patterns).

Third, she begins to forget about his physical flaws and starts to feel the beginnings of a real attraction to him.

The Reverse Attraction Sleeper Effect

Of course, the opposite can also happen as well.

Enter: Joe Calvin Klein Model.

He’s handsome, drives a Porsche, and women are instantly attracted to him. When he is generous enough to grace a woman with his presence, she is nervous with anticipation.

Then, he proceeds to talk her ear off about his rigorous workout schedule for 10 tedious minutes – bragging up a storm along the way.

Strangely, she notices his ugly, chewed up fingernails or other basic grooming turn-offs.

Next, he spices up the conversation by asking, “Where’s the wildest place YOU’VE ever done it?!

Recoiling in mild disgust, she pauses to answer while noticing a zit on his neck.

A short time later, he has not asked her a single question about who she is as a person. He has not made her laugh and his over-sprayed cologne is making her queasy.

She now sees him as one of the least desirable guys in the room.

How To Use This Information

Always remember that a woman’s attraction to a man can be built over time or destroyed in a few moments.

No, you may not be her “type” now (or ever) but that thought should never stop you from talking to her or pursuing her in the beginning.


Because, many women have had the experience of feeling NO initial attraction to a man’s looks – only to find him physically attractive after getting to know him and liking his personality.

If you only remember one idea remember this one that is SO important, I’m saying it again:

Many women have had the experience of feeling NO initial attraction to a man’s looks – only to find him physically attractive after getting to know him and liking his personality.

More importantly, don’t worry about the pretty boys or rich guys.

They may be prone to the trappings of the Reverse Attraction Sleeper Effect – the great equalizer (thank you, God).

In fact, that beautiful woman you’re staring at may even be looking specifically for a guy who is not one of those cocky rich or good-looking types (because she tried guys like that before and it sucked!).

Enter: You.

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