One thing that seems to be universally true about women is this:

Women are dumb.

Moreover, they are transparent creatures whose every move can be predicted simply by planning ahead – just as you would in a chess game.

If you are a master of strategy and covert maneuvering, you can outsmart a woman every step of the way and get her to do whatever you want.

Soon enough, she’ll be jumping out of her clothes and into your bed in no time, right?

No (but, you already knew that).

How Your High I.Q. Can Hurt You

Let’s face it, most of us guys think way too damn much.

By nature, men are thinkers, planners, and strategists. If there is a goal in mind, there must be a plan – a blueprint for success at every step of the way.

Sadly, these tactics fail miserably in the game of love and attraction – especially if you have a high I.Q.


Because, women don’t respond to tactics, strategy, or logic. They respond to feelings and emotions – ones that you can’t see or even begin to understand.

While you’re executing some brilliant machination or engaging in some type of Machiavellian posturing – she’s hoping for a spark or connection.

She’s looking for some kind of organic, romantic development (not necessarily with you only, of course).

BUT, none of this matters because you are too busy plotting, scheming, and guessing…

The Fastest Cure

What’s the cure for all of this? Easy.

Stop thinking so much.

Stop thinking you can (or need to) outsmart a woman with the goal of getting her to like you or sleep with you.

Even if you are a PhD in theoretical physics, you are still not smart enough to think your way into every woman’s heart (or pants).

Try focusing in on having fun.

Try focusing in on letting things progress naturally.

Try focusing on just enjoying every moment with her.

How To Use This Information

  • Around an attractive woman, calm your mind and focus
  • Listen to her so carefully that you can restate in your own words what she is telling you (or trying to tell you)
  • Stop planning and guessing and give her the breathing room she needs to develop a connection to you on her own schedule

THIS is the secret for succeeding with women used by ALL highly intelligent guys I know.

It’s actually a “workaroundfor guys who over-analyze and apply logic and strategy. In other words, guys who think too much then are later astounded why the women has lost interest.

The workaround is this:

Acknowledge the fact that no matter how brilliant you are, you must approach each woman like a fascinating new subject that you know nothing about.

You’re not interrogating her. You’re not analyzing her. You’re not profiling her.

You’re discovering her (hopefully all of her, if you are lucky).

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