I am not a Bad Boy.

I don’t play in a rock band. I don’t have a tatt sleeve. I’ve never been to jail.

I’m not careless, irresponsible, and mean where women are concerned but you know what?

I don’t feel the tiniest bit bad about that fact.

Still, I know that there are very real reasons why some women will choose a Bad Boy over a nice guy.

One simple reason is that a typical Bad Boy doesn’t suffer from some of the dating blocks that regular guys do.

For regular guys, one big obstacle to their dating success is how they apply black and white thinking to a woman’s view of sexuality.

If you were a Psych major in college, you might know this as the Madonna-Whore Complex.

How Regular Guys Think

If a regular guy suffers from the Madonna-Whore Complex, he may have these ideas in his head:

  • “Bad girls” are purely sexual creatures and shouldn’t be romanced and are not entitled to love
  • “Nice girls” don’t have sexual thoughts or urges and should be treated as nicely as possible

The holder of this belief thinks that nice girls want to be pursued with overtures of good old-fashioned romance.

He also thinks that this long, drawn out process of courtship is a chance to prove his worthiness and show that he is a “good” guy.

Meanwhile, these same chivalrous and “respectful” nice guys neglect the important step of building chemistry and sexual tension.

Ultimately, the guy might act in a manner that is nearly asexual in nature.

Do you think that this is the type of guy that an average woman wants to sleep with?

If you guessed “no,” you’re right.

How Women Think

Yes, every woman has a different schedule for letting the relationship progress to a physical level.

Still, this part is clear:

A woman’s sense of virtue can change depending on who she is with.

That is, for guys who follow the slow, safe approach of courtship behavior, the woman might show that she is indeed virtuous and withhold her sexual side as long as possible.

Or, if another guy talks about how “there are good girls and bad girls,” a woman might actually resist his advances in order to project the image that she is a “good” girl.

Why does this happen?

Because, women are very keen on the fact that guys constantly judge women and may even use this faulty Good Girl/Bad Girl thinking against them later on.

How a Bad Boy Thinks

Many times, when a woman is with a man who doesn’t expect her to be “virtuous” or “good,” she opens up more easily.


Because, that man understands that all women have real needs and desires too (and there is nothing wrong with it on any level).

The guy projects an attitude that allows the woman to relax and enjoy the physical aspects of a relationship without any risk of moral judgment.

This type of guy can even talk about sex in a very laid-back, “no big deal” kind of way.

With this type of guy (often labeled a “bad boy”), women are able to enjoy physical pleasure more freely – without the awkward pressure of trying to uphold their outward sense of “virtue.”

What You Need to Remember

If you want to be WAY more than her friend remember these tips:

  • Don’t question or judge her dating or sexual history
  • NEVER talk about “good girls versus bad girls”
  • It’s okay to be a nice guy as long as you have a little bit of a Bad Boy side

In the end, most women secretly want to be wild, crazy, and sexually adventurous.

However, they only end up doing it with a guy who can leave his inhibitions and moral judgments behind and live purely in the moment.

Be that guy.

“The best way to overcome a woman’s sense of virtue is to assume she has none.”

– Casanova