Before the dot com boom of the nineties, knowing about technology, computers, or anything remotely “tekkie” meant you were never getting laid.

This would be especially true if you were passionate for some activity that cut you off from regular social contact.

In those days, you might be classified as a “nerd.”

Today, being tech-savvy or just into brainy things can be a real advantage – not just professionally but socially as well.

What’s better, being a geek does not necessarily mean that you’ll suffer the same stigma as the nerds of yesteryear.

You just have to know a few things about being the kind of geek that women love.

Here are a few ideas:

Embrace Your Geek Side

No matter what job or hobby you have that makes you a geek, how people perceive you is up to you.

I have this buddy who works with high-tech manufacturing equipment.

Now, to a normal person, this may sound kind of boring but my friend explains it with a lot of passion and excitement. He also makes no secret about his ambitiousness in his field.

I have seen women very interested in his work after he explains it.

Can you do the same for yourself?

If you’re not sure, try explaining your unique hobby, passion, or profession to a stranger in a way that makes your passion or excitement shine through.

If you can do this simple exercise (over and over) and at least keep someone’s attention, you’ll be nicely prepared when mentioning it to a new woman.

Lose the Intellectual Cockiness

Whenever you are out somewhere and you see a guy who is in awesome shape and dressed well, what do you think?

Well, it all depends on how he carries himself and how he talks.

If he brags a lot and struts around like he knows he looks good, you might think he is a cocky jerk. If he is humble, laid-back, and friendly, you might think he is a cool guy.

Well, the same ideas apply to how women are attracted to men.

An otherwise attractive guy may have a cocky attitude that is a huge turn off to most women.

When it comes to your intellectual muscles, you might be guilty of intellectual cockiness if you do any of the following:

  • Make others feel bad because you know something they don’t know
  • Talk endlessly about a subject just to show how smart you are
  • Are overly sarcastic in an unfunny way

Believe me, I have seen these behaviors ruin some very smart friends of mine during their interactions with women.

Don’t be like them.

Understand Your Achilles Heel

Whatever it is about you that makes you a geek, you already know that you should embrace it, own it, and use your geek skills to get out there and meet new people.

Of course, if you embrace your geek side too much, you may find that your social circle dwindles to a point that you become completely alone.

When I was in high school, I spent a lot of time reading science fiction novels and hanging out with a close-knit group of guys (all of whom were as single and dateless as me).

Yes, I was invited to parties or events, but I chose not to leave the safety and comfort of my small circle of friends.

Subsequently, many interactions with women could best be described as awkward (for her and me). This happened from a basic lack of practice and my unwillingness to “put myself out there.”

Not good.

A short time later, I understood what my Achilles Heel was.

Justifiable Social Retreat.

I always had an excuse for not socializing because I had “more important things” to do.

In reality, my lack of confidence and desire to stay in my comfort zone killed my chances – even with some girls who asked me out on dates directly!

Maybe you have the same Achilles Heel.

Maybe you think that staying home to play World of Warcraft is a better use of time when you could be out with friends.

Is it wrong to do that?

No, as long as you understand that it’s not an effective strategy for meeting real women any more than staying home to watch online porn all night is either.

What You Need to Remember

  • Never apologize for the passions that excite you – even if they are viewed as “geeky”
  • Flaunting your intellect or speaking with a condescending tone is a turn-off to women
  • Be mindful of your tendency to retreat from social occasions or opportunities to meet new women

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