One of the least effective ways to establish a physical relationship with a woman is to get into her life and then simply wait for things to happen.

This is the same approach a guy I know took when he spent years at a company, did mediocre work, then got passed over for a promotion.

“I put in the hours. I did the work and they pick HIM over me?!” he griped.

Well, the guy that did get promoted was there for only a short time but he did the right things to get moved up.

Can just “hanging in there” in the Friend Zone get you the girl down the road?

Sure, in some rare cases but it’s still a long, frustrating road that is really unnecessary in a lot of cases (especially when you know a better way).

The Big Misconception

One big mistake some guys make is thinking that women are primarily attracted to guys who can prove themselves as good, loyal, and “nice.”

Sure, she talked about how she’s sick of dating so many jerks, and she wants…no , needs a “nice, normal guy.”

What’s reality is that most women feel attraction to a particular man because he has confidence, a sense of humor, or other attractive qualities.

Whether he’s a nice guy or a jerk is just one small part of many qualities that may or may not attract a woman.

The fact that a guy comes across as loyal, honest, and good will usually NOT create a spark of interest when the woman is not already attracted to begin with.

Avoiding The Friend Zone

How do you avoid becoming just a platonic friend to her?

Easy, don’t worry about proving yourself as “dependable” and NEVER worry about what she thinks of you in the beginning.

Don’t try to win her over with gifts, too much closeness (e.g. smothering), or more devotion than she gives to you.

Also, in the beginning, don’t discuss intimate personal problems, relationship issues, or anything that she might talk to her best girlfriend about.

If you do that, all you will be is a friend and a source of male advice for other guys she is interested in.

In other words, don’t talk your way into the Friend Zone! Take real action (i.e., romantically/physically), focus on having fun, and take her away from her worries instead of reminding her of them.

Most of all, while still being charming, fun, and challenging, give her space and NEVER think that being a loyal, giving, and reliable buddy will earn you her attraction.

What You Need to Remember

  • Always remember that your goal is to have a real, physical relationship with her
  • Don’t discuss your problems or relationships with other people
  • Flirt, touch, and kiss her at your first, best opportunity

Ultimately, you avoid the Friend Zone the same way you avoid the Enemy Zone.

In other words, if you treat someone like an enemy, that’s all you’ll be.

Once you’re stuck there, it’s hard to transition out.

If you approach and conduct yourself like a friend with a particular woman, that’s all you’ll be too.

Note: Being stuck in the Dating/Sleepover Zone is a lot more fun.

Want More?

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